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Blog and newsletter updates, and new book recommendation

published17 days ago
1 min read

This is the last email under this format, from next week we will introduce the new format, where the content will be much more personalized to your interests, and we will offer a lot more content, not only from my site ( but also from other curated sources.

So, if you haven't done so, on each email we send, on the footer you have the option to customize your preferences, we are currently supporting 4 categories, and don't worry, regardless of how many topics you choose, it will only be ONE email.

Book recommendation

If you are planning to take your JavaScript to the next level, our friend Simon Høiberg wrote a book that will introduce you to the JavaScript best practices in the industry.

Since he is a friend of the site, he is giving our readers $10 OFF the original price.

I bought one for myself, and I enjoyed it a lot, I even learned a few things, so I highly recommend it.

Blog updates

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Learn how to remove the background using AI, like that super trending app, but powered by Python.

How to write great user stories
Learn tips to write great user stories.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning
Learn the difference between the 3, common algorithms and more.

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