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How to become a software engineer and much more...

published8 months ago
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​Without any doubt, how to become a software engineer, even without a CS degree is the most important release for the last two weeks, and the result of weeks of work on my side.​ In that article I tried to provide an overall path for those trying to become a software engineer, starting with the obvious option which is a college degree, but also mentioning other paths among with instructions, and resources so that you can succeed.

I also started a new section on the blog where I review learning and coding platforms in general, I'm taking real courses with them, completing them (or not) and giving my honest opinion with some characteristics of each platform.

I've already identified 8 platforms I want to try out, if you have any suggestions, or platforms you would like me to review, please reply to this email with your suggestions, or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Talking about Twitter and LinkedIn, I've started posting more regular on those platforms, if you are interested in coding tips, startup advise and other cool things follow me on any of those. If in addition you would like to receive some random messages from me, twitter is the best option, I try to keep my LinkedIn more "professional".

That's all for today, I leave you now with the updates on the blog, and some interesting Udemy promotions, they are really great so take a look. (Also please note that I'm an Udemy affiliate, so if you decide to purchase a course I'll get a small commission on your final price, so it's a win, win, win situation if you use my link).

Blog updates

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Build an API for a face swapping app.

Learning to Code: Is Udacity Right for You?
An honest review of the Udacity platform for developers and data scientists.

How to become a software engineer, even without a CS degree
Learn how you could become a software engineer, no university degree is required.

Learning to Code: Is Udemy Right for You
An honest review of the Udemy platform for developers and data scientists.​

Udemy discounts

Udemy is offering a discount for real? Yeah, I know, Udemy is most of the discounted, but sometimes the course you want is super expensive. Use the following link to get access to some great discounts on Python and web development course, but also on much more.

Udemy dicounts

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