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Ton of new content and blog updates

published27 days ago
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I hope you are doing well! Things on the blog have been fantastic, however here on the newsletter not much has happened, and I'm sorry for that, there are no excuses.

I'm deciding the direction I want to give the newsletter, which focus, I tried a few things on the past few months, I want to give as much value as possible to all of you and not just clutter your email.

Blog updates

Once again we fine tuned our UI, we now have a simplified menu, no more long dropdowns. The beauty of this menu is the responsiveness, it will adapt to the screen size, and it will automatically reduce the number of items on the main bar according to the screen, displacing some of the items to the "More" menu, which is a simple drop down menu.

We also worked on animations here and there, and we will continue doing so, to bring the best user experience possible.

We are running ads since a few weeks now, sucks, but pays for the bills, if you hate them, my best advice is, use an ad-blocker, no hard feelings, I use one myself.

New content

The Future of the Internet: Web3 and Why Developers Should Learn It
Learn what web3 is, why we think is the future of the web, and why developers should learn it.

CSS Grid or Flexbox? How to pick between the two CSS layout systems
Learn when you should you use Flexbox or Grids?.

Object Tracking with OpenCV
Learn how to track and follow objects on video feeds.

The best mice for developers in 2021
Mouse recommendations for developers with all budgets.

Best coding games for your kids
There’s no better time to teach your child computer programming skills than right now! Here are some great educational coding games to get them started.

Powerful Python one-liners to look like a pro
Discover the simplicity of Python with these one-liner snippets.

A deep dive into random forest classification algorithm
Learn all there is to know about random forest classification and regression algorithms.

And as always, thanks for reading!

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