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We heard you, changes are on their way into the newsletter

published24 days ago
1 min read

​I'm glad today to start with excellent news regarding the newsletter, based on some of your comments we are going to redesign the newsletter.

What is the future with the newsletter?

First of all, our commitment with you won't change, one email a week, no more, no spam. What's difference is that the newsletter will be personalized to your preferences. You you are JS developer and do not want to receive content about Python? No problem. You don't want to receive tutorials but you want to know how to make money online? No problem.

How does it work? At the footer of each email you will have the option to customize your preferences, and as we upload more content in the future, new options will be available for you.

The new section looks something like:

User preferences look like these
Sample of footer section of each email

From now on, you can start customizing your settings, and a few weeks from now we will start the new newsletter format.

What about the content itself?

Before we knew about your preferences we couldn't send you a lot of relevant information, as it could be uninteresting to some. With the new segmentation, we can focus our energy in generating a newsletter for you.

What can you expect?

  • Related articles of your interest, not only from Live Code Stream, but also weekly articles curated by our editors.
  • Remote job offerings
  • Exclusive content in how to make money online as a developer
  • ...

Cool stuff, how can I share ideas for the new format or send kudos to the team because I loved it

As always, you can reach out directly to me at, or follow me on twitter. You can as well reply to these emails, we are always reading your comments.

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